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HB Wire is also known as Hard Bright Wire. As its name suggests it is more stiffer and stronger. HB Wire has a clean bright surface due to the removal of extra carbon and impurities. HB Wire is made from Mild Steel Wire Rods. MS Wire Rods have a layer of carbon over them because of air exposure. These wire rods are passed through a series of wire drawing machines. The MS Wire rod has to undergo different dies to get the desired diameter and strength. 

HB Wire is directly employed in the manufacturing of Nails, Screws, Nutbolts, Spokes, weldmesh, bucket handles, fan guards, rivets, cable trays, shutter wires, cable trays, etc.



Size - 3mm to 7mm

Coil Weight - 100 to 150kg

Carbon Content - 0.08% to 0.22%

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