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HHB Wire is also known as Half Hard Bright Wire. As its name suggests this wire is more hard than annealed wire but not fully hardened. We offer a wide range of HHB Wires. MS Wire undergoes Annealing, Chemical washing, Rust treatment, and coiling processes to form HHB Wire. These have High Tensile Strength, smooth surface finish, and optimum durability. Our key aspects are top-notch quality, affordable price, superb surface finish, rust, and wear-proof HHB Wire. We offer HHB Wire which is the combination of Strength, Durability, and Workability. 

It is used in the manufacturing of Shoe Tacks, Drywall screws, Chipboard screws, Nut bolts, Screws, Spokes, etc.

Size -  1.8mm to 7mm

Coil weight - 100 to 150kg

Carbon Content - 0.08% to 0.22%

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