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HB and HHB Wire – Introduction, Properties, Manufacturing, and Applications

HB and HHB wire by Vishal Industries Chandigarh

HB & HHB Wire also known as Hard Bright Wire and Half Hard Bright Wire. These wires have a very low carbon content ranging from 0.08% to 0.25%. These are among the fascinating types of MS Wire known for their High Tensile strength and smooth surface finish. As HB Wire's name depicts Hard means stiffer and stronger wire which has less bendability. HHB Wire means half-hard wire which is less hard as compared to HB Wire. Bright means they have a clean, bright, and smooth surface.

Manufacturing Process:

HB and HHB Wire is made from MS Rods (Mild Steel Rods). Its manufacturing process has the following steps:

Descaling process –

MS rods have a layer of carbon over them because of their exposure to air. So, the first step includes the removal of this carbon layer from the Mild Steel rod. This is known as the Descaling process. This process is very important to ensure the quality of HB and HHB Wire.

Pickling process –

This step includes the cleaning of MS rods with the help of phosphate, borax, or lime water. This helps in cleaning out the impurities of wire to achieve the desired quality.

Wire Drawing process –

MS rods are passed through a series of dies and rotating drums. This is also known as the Cold Wire drawing process as no heat is applied to the drums. This reduces the diameter of the rods and results in HB wire formation. The number of drums and dies depends on the diameter required.

Annealing Process -

HB Wire undergoes the Annealing process after the wire drawing process. In the Annealing process, The wire is heated in a pit furnace at 840 degrees Celsius for about 6-7 hours. After cooling down Annealed Wire is manufactured. Heat treatment changes the physical and chemical properties of wire and makes it more flexible.

Chemical treatment -

Annealed wire first dipped in the Sulphuric Acid solution, then in fresh water, and then in lime water solution. After drying, a rust protective oil layer is applied over the surface of the wire. Hence HHB Wire is formed.

Properties of HB & HHB Wire:

High Tensile Strength –

HB & HHB Wire has high tensile strength as compared to other wires. Thus these are used in applications where durability is required.

Malleable –

HB & HHB Wires are malleable in nature. Due to their malleability, they can be easily bent into different shapes without breaking. Therefore, they are used in a wide range of applications where flexibility as well as strength is a must.

Bright Surface finish –

HB & HHB Wire both have a smooth surface finish because of the removal of the extra carbon layer over it and the drawing and finishing processes. Due to this, they have an excellent smoothness and aesthetic look. They are widely used in the manufacturing of jewellery and crafts.

Versatility –

HB & HHB Wires are versatile in nature as they can be manufactured in different diameters, gauges, and specifications according to the customer's needs. Vishal Industries Chandigarh manufactures HB & HHB Wires according to their customer's requirements

Applications of HB & HHB Wire:

Construction –

HB & HHB wires are commonly used in the construction industry. HB Wire is used in the manufacturing of binding wire, mesh wire, nut bolts, fasteners, spokes, etc whereas HHB wire is used in the manufacturing of reinforcing mesh, shoe tacks, drywall screws, chipboard screws, etc.

Agriculture –

HB & HHB Wires are widely used in the agriculture industry. HB Wire is used in the construction of plants and vegetable support mesh. HHB Wire is used in the manufacturing of fencing and baling wires.

Automobile –

HB & HHB Wires have a huge scope in the Automobile industry. HB Wire is used in the manufacturing of various automobile parts such as cables and wires. HHB Wire is used in the manufacturing of springs, control cables, etc.

Manufacturing –

HHB Wire is used in the manufacturing of nails, screws, rivets, nutbolts, fasteners, mesh, etc. HB Wire is used in the manufacturing of springs, clips, etc. HB & HHB wires have high tensile strength and durability due to which they are

HB & HHB Wires stands out in the world of materials due to their low carbon content, easy availability, exceptional tensile strength, and flexibility. These properties not only make them versatile across multiple industries but also important in daily life. From the smallest screw in coffee table to robust mesh in garden fences, HB & HHB Wires hold our world together.

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