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Common Mistakes to avoid while choosing MS Annealed Wire in Construction Industry

Common mistakes to avoid while choosing MS Annealed wire in the construction industry

MS Wire or Mild Steel Wire is low-carbon steel wire. It has different types – HB Wire (Hard Bright Wire), HHB Wire (Half Hard Bright Wire), Annealed Wire, and Boron Steel Wire. Annealed Wire has very unique properties and is hence widely used in the construction industry. In this blog, we will discuss all the mistakes that you should avoid while buying MS Annealed Wire for the construction industry.

Quality of Raw Material –

While buying Annealed Wire, it is very important to know the quality of the raw material. Because the durability of Annealed wire totally depends on the quality of the raw material. The raw material used for Annealed wire manufacturing is MS Rods. So, before buying Annealed Wire always check their raw material suppliers. Make sure that they are using MS Rods of reputed companies only such as Jindal, JSW, Vizag, Vedanta, etc. For example, we at Vishal Industries use MS Rods of reputed companies only because quality is our first priority.

Incorrect Size selection –

It is very important to choose the right gauge of MS Annealed Wire. It depends on the purpose of buying Annealed Wire. Different construction tasks require different sizes of Annealed Wire. When you choose thin size wire then it may affect the strength and stress bearing property of Annealed Wire and if you choose thick size wire then it is not easy to work with as it affects the bending and molding property of Annealed Wire. Therefore, always choose Annealed Wire according to your needs.

Improper Rust Resistant Coating –

Annealed Wire is mostly used in the construction of big buildings, beams, and bridges. Therefore, it is very important to have a proper anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the wire. It gives durability to the wire and hence strength to the buildings and other applications. Hence, while selecting Annealed Wire, always choose a wire that has an anti-corrosion layer over it.

Manufacturing Defects –

The process of making annealed wire from HB Wire is known as the Annealing Process. In this process, MS Wire is heated in a pit furnace at 840 degrees Celsius for about 6 to 7 hours. Giving a heating treatment to the wire enhances the strength and durability of the wire. So, it is very important to heat the wire at an accurate temperature and for sufficient time. If the temperature and time are not maintained then it will cause cracks in the wire and affects the strength and durability.

Quality Certification –

While buying Annealed Wire, always go with the quality certified manufacturer. Using a superior quality wire in your construction projects will not only increase the shelf life of projects but also you have no need to worry about repairing or reconstruction for the next 20 to 30 years.

Defects in Packaging –

Improper packaging will lead to the degradation of the Annealed Wire quality. When you have to transport wire to your place from the manufacturer, then packaging plays a very important role. The wire should be properly covered with the packaging material to avoid direct contact with the weather and protect their quality and appearance.

In conclusion, MS Annealed Wire is widely used in the construction and fencing industry due to its durability, high strength, and easy availability. As its application is in very important areas such as bridge construction, and binding wire in buildings, thus its quality plays a very important role.

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