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How to Test the Quality of MS Wire (Mild Steel Wire)

Methods of testing the quality of MS Wire (HB & HHB) by Vishal Industries

Mild Steel wires are the most popular wires in the Steel and Wire Industry. They are famous for their unique properties and wide range of applications. MS Wire has a very low carbon content as compared to other wires. As it is used in the manufacturing of nails, screws, fasteners, spokes, rivets, and many more, it is very important to use good quality MS Wire. The quality of fasteners depends on the quality of MS Wire used. MS Wire is used in the form of HB Wire (Hard Bright Wire) and HHB Wire (Half Hard Bright Wire).

Methods of testing the Quality of MS Wire (HB & HHB):

There are different methods of testing the quality of MS Wire according to its usability:

Tensile Strength Test –

This method of testing is used to test the strength of the wire. In this technique, the force is applied to the wire until it breaks. This force is then noted down and analyzed. With the help of a tensile strength test, we can check the strength as well as ductility or elongation of the wire. This is useful in the construction or fencing segments, where high strength is required.

Bend Test –

The Bend test is used to check the elasticity of MS Wire. MS Wire is bent to a 90-degree angle or U-shaped and check whether it breaks or not. If it is a good quality MS Wire, then it should not break or show any cracks. This type of MS Wire is also used in the construction and agriculture industry because of its flexibility.

Surface Test –

In this testing method, the surface of MS Wire is tested. If the surface of the wire is smooth without any rust, that means the MS Wire is of good quality. But if there is uneven surface finish, uneven coating, cracks, and also rusting, then this MS Wire is of low quality. If low quality MS Wire is used then its durability decreases.

Corrosion Resistance Test –

This test is used to check the longevity of the MS Wire even if it is in the exposure to environment. The wire is exposed to harsh environmental conditions or can also use salt spray tests for some period of time. After this, the Wire is analyzed to see how much time the corrosion starts. This helps in detecting the corrosion resistance tolerance of MS Wire.

Dimensional Test –

This type of testing method is very useful to know whether the wire meets the customer’s requirement or not. In this type of testing method, the diameter, surface finish, and roundness of MS Wire are measured with the help of a caliper.

Wrapping Test –

This test is used to check the brittleness of MS Wire. In this method, MS Wire is twisted or wrapped around its own surface diameter for some rounds and then straightened. This checks whether, after so many twists and turns, the surface of the wire has any crack or not. This type of MS Wire is important in screw manufacturing.

In conclusion, there are a lot of other methods also depending on the mechanical and chemical properties. But the above discussed are the most commonly used methods. Manufacturing a good quality MS Wire is as tough as buying a good quality MS Wire. So both the manufacturers as well as customers can test their MS Wire’s quality by using these methods. We at Vishal Industries Chandigarh, use tested Premium Quality Mild Steel rods as raw material and manufacture premium quality MS Wire in the form of HB Wire, HHB Wire, Annealed Wire, and Boron Steel Wire.

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