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How to select the Best MS Wire for any Project

How to select the best MS Wire for any project by Vishal Industries Chandigarh

MS Wire commonly known as Mild Steel Wire is the widely used wire in the fastener industry. This is because of its low carbon content, easy availability, and unique properties. MS Wire is the most commonly used wire in various projects.  

While selecting a wire for any project, it is very important to understand the purpose of buying. Selecting the best MS Wire is a big challenge when it comes to some specializations. MS Wire has unique properties and all properties have their own role and contribution to the quality and performance of MS Wire. While buying, you have to prioritize your most important specification whether it is quality, durability, or any other.

When it comes to manufacturing of screws, nails, fasteners, spokes, rivets, springs, etc, the best material is MS Wire. MS Wire comes in the form of HB Wire (Hard Bright Wire), HHB Wire (Half Hard Bright Wire), Annealed Wire, and Boron Steel Wire. MS Wire has a very low carbon content that is between 0.06% to 0.22%. When it comes to the best wire under budget, the only name that comes forward is MS Wire. MS Wire is highly malleable as it can be cut, bent, or molded into different shapes. MS Wire is manufactured from MS Rods. The quality of MS Wire totally depends on the quality of MS Rods. Therefore, it is very important for an MS Wire manufacturer to buy High Quality wire rods for their material. MS Wire is less expensive as compared to other wires because of its low carbon content.

Always select MS Wire according to your needs. If you need MS Wire for the manufacturing of Nutbolts, fasteners, spokes, etc then go for HB Wire. Hard Bright (HB) Wire is hard as its name suggests as compared to other forms of MS Wire. It has high strength and stiffness. Therefore it is best for fastener manufacturing. If you are looking for a wire for the manufacturing of shoe tacks, drywall screws, chipboard screws, etc then HHB Wire is the best. Half Hard Bright Wire has a smooth surface finish and is highly malleable. It is very easy to work with HHB Wire. If you are looking for a wire for fencing and construction projects, then Annealed Wire is perfect for you.

Is Vishal Industries a better option for MS Wire?

Vishal Industries is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Premium Quality MS Wire. We manufacture HB Wire, HHB Wire, Annealed Wire, and Boron Steel Wire. Vishal Industries was established in 1987. Thus we have experience as well as expertise in MS Wire manufacturing. We have a huge customer base of 500+ customers. Our latest technology and highly skilled workers ensure the quality of our wires. Our manufacturing process is very precise as rigorous testing is done at every stage of manufacturing. We use MS Rods of reputed companies only such as JSW, Jindal Steel, Vedanta, Vezag, etc. Our customer’s need is our first priority. Thus, we customize MS Wire according to customer’s demands.

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