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Importance of MS Wire (HB & HHB) in Orchard Fencing

Importance of MS wire (HB & HHB) in orchard fencing by Vishal Industries Chandigarh

A fence is defined as a wall built as a border marker to keep people or animals from escaping or intruding. This barrier is made up of boards, posts, and wires. HB & HHB wires are the two most commonly used MS fencing wires due to their durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Mild Steel wires have unique properties that make them the best fit for fencing.

Importance of Fencing:

Protection –

Fencing plays a very important role when it comes to the protection of orchards from wild animals such as rabbits, deer, etc. Fencing helps in keeping the animals away from fruits, and vegetables. Fences also help in preventing the orchards from thieves. Orchards are the target for fruit theft especially when fruits are expensive or near the harvest time. In this case, the best fencing is a must.

Boundaries –

Orchard owners use fencing to define the boundaries of their fields. This helps in protecting the people from land disputes.

Quality of Crop –

Fences are used in the orchards to align the crops or fruit growth in a particular direction. Fences are used as a support for the small plants and help them to achieve their shape. Fences also help in maintaining the proper layout of the crops in the orchard and hence help in systematic irrigation and harvesting

Aesthetic Appeal –

Fences give a very aesthetic look to the orchards. It gives a neat and professional appearance to the orchards. Orchard owners can use their orchards from agritourism and hence can enhance the overall value of the property.

Wind Management –

Fencing can also protect plants from strong winds and act as a windbreaker. This helps in reducing the damage to the plants and increasing the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Characteristics of MS Wire (HB & HHB):

Tensile Strength - 

MS Wire (HB & HHB) has High Tensile strength as compared to other wires. Therefore HB Wire is used in those applications where there is high stress required. HHB Wire is used in places where less stress and strength are required. Vishal Industries Chandigarh manufactures Premium Quality MS Wire (HB & HHB) with high tensile strength.

Excellent Surface Finish –

MS Wire has a superior surface finish because of the drawing process and chemical treatment.

Flexibility –

HHB Wire is more flexible as compared to HB Wire. HB Wire is made directly from raw material i.e. MS Wire rods. MS rods pass through a series of dies and drums to form HB Wire. In contrast, HHB Wire is formed by passing MS rods through the drawing process, annealing process, and chemical treatment. Hence it has less flexibility as compared to HB Wire.

Usage –

MS Wire (HB & HHB) is used in the manufacturing of fasteners, nails, screws, spokes, and many more. But when we talk about fencing, these are used according to their properties. For example, HB Wire has high tensile strength therefore it is used to protect orchards from big animals whereas HHB Wire is used for protection from small animals.

Why MS Wire (HB & HHB) for Orchard fencing:

Tensile Strength –

MS Wire (HB & HHB) has high tensile strength as compared to other wires. Both HB & HHB Wires can withstand the harsh conditions. They are hard and less flexible as compared to annealed wire.

Durability –

MS Wire (HB & HHB) has high durability. By using these wires as fences, orchard owners will remain tension-free for a long time because of their high durability. They have been coated externally with an anti-corrosion layer, hence increasing their lifespan.

Affordability –

MS Wire (HB & HHB) is a widely and commonly available type of wire. They are less expensive as compared to other wires such as stainless steel or aluminium.

Easy to Install –

MS Wire is easy to install as it can be cut and bent without any breakage. HB & HHB wires can be adjusted according to the orchard's needs.

Maintenance –

It is easy to maintain an MS Wire fence because of its strength and durability. Little repair and regular checks are sufficient to make the MS Wire fence in good working condition.

In conclusion, it can be said that Hard Bright Wire (HB) and Half Hard Bright Wire (HHB) MS Wires are the most commonly used wires for fencing. This is because of their easy availability, affordability, and high tensile strength. These can be used in the form of plain fencing, electric fencing, barbed fencing, etc. MS Wire (HB & HHB) by helping secure the orchards, contributes to their long life span and quality.

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